Mega Blaziken – Pokemon X and Y Guide

Mega Blaziken – Pokemon X and Y Guide

Pokemon X and Y at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

NEW Blaziken Moveset and Mega Blaziken Moveset Guide!

Blaziken Sweep – Ace Trainer Troy
How To Use Mega Blaziken in Pokemon Sun and Moon / Blaziken Moveset 7th Gen. Mega Blaziken and Blaziken FINALLY available in Pokemon Sun and Moon, so its time to update the Mega Blaziken guide for Pokemon sun and moon!
Mega Blaziken Moveset / Blaziken information
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Blaziken and Mega Blaziken Moveset (Pokemon X & Y)

By the way I forgot to edit out the music at the end so the vid is longer than what it should be, sorry o.o
Can’t wait for more moves to be released on the new Pokemon 😀
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Pokemon X/Y Mega Blaziken Mega-evolution

Showing off the mega evolution of Mega Blaziken. The item is given through Mystery Gitt on a torchic

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